[README] How to report a bug

Thank you for taking time to report bugs you find in game. In order to organize reported problems and transmit them to the development team so they can be fixed as quickly as possible, it is very important to read and respect the following guidelines.

Bug report rules

1. Any bug must be reported in appropriate section on forum. You can discuss on Discord but always create a topic on forum too.

2. Always check the bug has not already been reported. You are allowed to respond to the topic of an existing bug to provide additional details.

3. Bug report must follow this template. And must try to describe the bug the better as possible.

4. Bug report must be written in English.

5. Never give personal account information in bug report. Send Private message to me instead.

6. Always report bugs giving you competitive advantage (exploit) and don't use them once they are reported. Otherwise you can get definitive ban (even after CBT).

7. Text/translation problem must be reported in Translation issues, network/hardware problem in Technical Issues and suggestion in Community ideas.

Bug report template

Any bug not reported on forum or not following this template will not be considered.

Title of topic: Try to be as concise as possible to identify the bug.

Low: it's a bit annoying but it doesn't prevent me from playing normally;
Medium: I have to work around the problem but I can still achieve what I want;
High: I can't use the game feature;
Urgent: I can't continue to play at all.

Category: Graphics / Interface / Quest / Gameplay / Other

Frequency: Always / Randomly / At a specific moment (specify when)

How to reproduce: List of steps to reproduce the bug.

Description: Complete description of what is wrong. Try to be more precise as possible.

Additional information: When possible try to include screen capture or short video capture to help understanding the bug.