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CBT Information

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 7:27 am
by Administrator
Here are the info for the CBT Test

Please read carefully the following information:
- This is a Beta Test so server crashes and characters rollbacks may happen, especially the first days.
- It is very important to post your suggestions and bug reports on forum. The team has many, many things to manage and cannot find time to handle all of them in same time as the CBT.
- You can reload free 1000 CASH every 24 hours and per account in order to test special items
- We start by focusing on improving server stability and testing maximum capacity. For this purpose there is currently only 1 channel.
- When a wave of players is registering on website in same time we have problems with confirmation and password recovery mails not sent. Please wait few hours before filling form. Check the typo of your login and email.
- We ask players to have only 1 account currently in order to allow everyone to register and connect to the game. Once we estimate server is stable and that we have less registrations we might allow multiple accounts per person.
- Server is located in Oregon, so players on other continents might experience lag or disconnections.
- In order to claim reward on official release you must have at least 1 character with level 50 or more on your account at the end of the CBT.
- Rate for the test server are LVLx3 TM EXPx6 (Please note that those are not actual rate on live server)
- Your progress will be reset after the CBT is over. Your account will be able to use for the live server.
- Max level for CBT is cap at 80

We hope that you will have a good time on Trickster!
See ya!