Announcement regarding MyShop set items

Hi Trickster,

As you may notice already, the current situation on MyShop set items are now that accessories, cape and pets come with stats.
We want to inform you that we will not change the format from this setting at least in the near future. This means that most of the boxes in the future will come with form/skin items.

The reason behind the decision are
1. This would open new aspect of the game for international player base
2. Exploring the possibility of sets based on our in-game features.
3. Our server base setting is from KR TO server, which means that if we want to have all the stat items, we have to re-create it ourselves. This is a massive effort, and we cannot promise that we will undertake this in the near future

This is not a debatable decision at least for now.
We know that some of you will not like this idea but hope you understand.

We will introduce webshop soon so that you can see stat info before you purchase any item.