Beta test rules

Here are the main rules to respect during the beta test. Thank you for respecting them ;)

1. Always use English language, with the exception of specific channels in General Discussions.
2. Be respectful to other players and staff. Basically talk about only Trickster Discussions about sex, religions and politics are prohibited.
3. Always report bugs and exploits. Once an exploit is posted you should never take advantage of it (we have many logs).
4. You can discuss #bugs and #suggestions on Discord but after you must create a topic in the appropriate forum section. Developers will only check valid topics posted on forum.
5. If you have a problem with your account or another player then you must send a private message to the administrator.
6. Avoid spam-tags on Discord. You are not allowed to directly tag or send pm to a Developer unless he is currently talking to you.
7. Check #faq before posting to #questions.
8. Do not give personal information about yourself. Do not sell/buy anything about the game for real money.
9. Sanctions for disrespecting rules can be: warning, temporary mute, permanent mute, temporary ban (Discord, game account or IP), permanent ban (Discord, game account or IP). Permanent sanctions can last even after beta test.
10.Only one account per person is currently allowed.