We will frequently add new answers to that list. Please check them before posting in forum or contacting the support.


1. Is it an official game?
NO this is the unofficial version of Trickster. However we are currently going into closed beta to test several things that may change on official release.

2. Who develops the game?
This server is developed by Chinese Developer, a startup made of passionate Trickster players. Everything is made in collaboration with PlayTrickster.

3. Is it exactly the same as rTO version ?
There are many points in common with rTO but we changed and added several things. This server is currently based on the 2014 Korean Closed server. Feel free to post your suggestions!

4. When will be official release?
In January 2021.

5. Is the game open source? Can I join development team?
No it is not open source. We are not hiring currently.

Closed Beta Test

6. What is the purpose of the beta test?
The purpose is to check that the game is working fine, find bugs and get players feedback. Once the beta test is finished we will delete your characters .

7. Who can participate to beta test?
Any player with the required age to play online games in his/her country and who can report bugs in English. We reserve the right to exclude specific regions if we encounter too many problems with them.

8. How to participate in the beta test?
Create an account on the beta test website and confirm your email address. When you login on the Launcher a PLAY button will appear to start the game.

9. Will I get special rewards as a beta tester?
Yes we are preparing unique items for players who actively participate in this beta test.

10. Are there custom experience / drop rates for beta test?
Yes, the experience curve is flattened to allow faster progression in the higher levels. Drop rate is also slightly increased.

11. Can I buy premium items?
You cannot spend real money during the beta test. You get free CASH currency in MyShop to frequently test premium items. Please notice available items and prices are completely set up for testing. It will differ from official release.

12. Can I get freebies or free EXP events?
We will organize several events in game during beta test and you will be notified in #announcements. We never adhere to individual requests.

13. Can I create several accounts?
Multiple accounts per person are NOT currently allowed. We will frequently check logs and delete duplicate belonging to a single person.


14. Can I use languages other than English?
Beta test forum and support by private message are in English only. Discord is in English with the exception of specific channels in General Discussions. There you can ask other players to help you to translate to English. Any player not respecting this rule will be warned and then muted in case of recurrence.

15. Why is the Korean language available in game?
Korean was added to the game in order to test multi-language support. This is the language used by official team management of the game and does not represent the languages which will be supported on official release. Feel free to test it in the game and report any issues back to us .translation issues. However as stated in the last question you must communicate in English.


16. How to report a problem?
You can first discuss about it in #bugs section on Discord. If you think it needs to be reported to developers you must post in the appropriate forum section. Developers will only check valid reports posted on the forum. If the problem is about another player or cheating exploit you must send Private message to me (Administrator). NO GUARANTEED SUPPORT ON DISCORD

17. How to suggest an improvement?
You can first discuss about it in #suggestions section on Discord. If you think your suggestion is valid you must post it in the appropriate forum section. Developers will only check valid suggestions posted on the forum.

18. How to contact Moderators / Developers ?
You can directly contact Discord moderators in text channels. If your message is a bug report or a suggestion you must post it in appropriate forum section. Otherwise send Private message to me. Any kind of abuse will lead to a permanent ban which can last even after beta test.

19. A Moderator / Developer / player asked for my account password or tried to sell me stuff in game for real money. What should I do?
Official team members will NEVER ask for your account password. You should NEVER spend real money on this game, as we will delete everything once the CBT ends. Report suspicious behavior by send Private message to me.

20. I have a problem with my beta test account / another player is insulting or harassing me / I suspect another player of being a bot.
Please send Private message to me. Provide as much details as possible (screenshot / video if possible) so we can quickly solve your problem. PRIVATE MESSAGE SUPPORT IN ENGLISH ONLY

21. I created my account but not received the confirmation mail.
Please wait few moments and check spam folder of your mailbox. If you still have not received confirmation mail please contact the support by Private message to me.