[EN]Aria exchange item list

Title of topic: [EN]Aria exchange item list

Language: English

Where is the translation issue: Aria's exchange item list

Texts to fix:
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Moon)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Fire)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Number)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-neck)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Gold)
Angel's Feather-Be
Weird box-can
Strange Hammerbox-Number
Card Hunter's Box-Number

Fixed texts:
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Mon)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Tue)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Wed)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Thu)
Angel's Breath (Angel's Feather-Fri)
Angel's Feather-Wed
Weird box-Wed
Strange Hammerbox-Wed
Card Hunter's Box-Wed

월 = Mon
화 = Tue
수 = Wed
목 = Thu
금 = Fri
토 = Sat
일 = Sun
Users can be confused, so it's better to change the name to the day of the week. Thank you for opening polar server.