Slight Revision of PvP Entry

Issue: Odd / Prohibitive Requirements to enter PvP
  • Slightly prohibitive cost of entering the lobby might prevent low level players from venturing into the lobby.
  • Oddly specific potions might be considered troublesome to acquire.
Proposal: Change Entrance costs and item exchanges for PvP
1) Free entrance into PvP Lobby
By making PvP lobby readily accessible, players are less likely to shy away from checking out the place (This doesn't equate to free participation into PvP).

2) Galder cost to PvP, scaled respectively to the economy of players of a map's lvl range.
Below is a list of suggested values you could consider.

Rosemary Battlefield Entrance Fee: 10k Galder
LVL 21 - 50 Entrance Fee: 500 Galder
LVL 51 - 100 Entrance Fee: 1k Galder
LVL 101 - 150 Entrance Fee: 2k Galder
LVL 151+ Entrance Fee: 5k Galder
Don Giuvanni Entrance Fee: FREE
Bunny Maid Entrance Fee: 10k Galder

You can consider scaling this up, to act as a Galder sink (as long as it's not prohibitively costly).

3) Compilation of Battlefield 1 + Battlefield 2 + Soccer Field + Baseball Field (Through one dialog tree with Rosemary)
Having Rosemary offering all 4 fields can add a layer of simplicity with access to similarly purposed fields (Large field / LVL 21+). Bunny Maid can subsequently be removed to slightly declutter the lobby. The PvP garden is a cherished map.

If proposal #3 isn't optimal (due to how it might provide too many maps for what few players might enter PvP) could we just have Battlefield 2 instead of Battlefield 1?