Suggestion: Trickster Online 2021

Hey Devs and Tricksters :),

at first I really wanted to say: I love you brought Trickster Online back to life. It has always been a great game and people still enjoy it to their fullest even in 2021.

Even tho I love playing Trickster how it was back then in 2007, I think some things need to change for a more healthy environment for the players.
I know the chances are slim for a such drastic suggestion, but I don't want to see this server end up as the next empty broken game with no population. So hear me out:

1. Give every character a basic guardian (3/3/3/3) of their type. I think beginner would love playing around with it and they could also buy MyShop upgrades for an endgame guardian as well without doing the secret card quest. It's a huge barrier for people. You could also add new Myshop guardians. Win/Win situation.

2. Add a custumization system in the game like in Path of exile (or other games). So stat items and skin items would be seperated from each other. You could also add like hundreds of skin sets into Myshop and I believe people would love it. Of course everything should be untradeable, unsaleable and most importantly unfusable.

3. Remove stat items from MyShop and add character sets (like Bika for buffalo) as rewards in all areas. For example if you exchange a certain amount of desert sticker, you would get Bika set lvl 30 in desert beach, .vl 50 set in caballa relics and so on. It would be a huge relief for new player, because right now the game without MyShop equip is super tryhard. You scare aways casual player like this.

Another advantage would be, you could also make unique, rewarding event quests everyone would love to participate. How you ask? By adding stat items like elemental rings, heads, capes etc. as rewards. People would always come back to the game to not even miss one of them.

4. Remove driller pets and remove quest limits. The best games are these where you have to earn everything yourself (like in Skyrim). Driller Boy/Girl breaks the economy and removes the reason to play the game yourself. People always get bored over time playing Trickster, because they just buy all items. It's a shortcut which takes aways the fun of playing. By removing the quest limits (and also increase the amount of turning in items to get desert sticker drastically), people would have reason to play all maps every time. I can imagine partys everywhere just to get these rewards.

5. Change boss rewards.
With no stat items in Myshop, you could also increase the reason for people to boss. The best way to do it would be to add every boss item an additional slot to give them more value than the set boxes (see number 3). You could also add boss boxes as a reward which would contain stuff like repair powder, brooms or Myshop drills (with a low chance to get it).

To sum it up: Make the game easier for beginner. Give people reason to play the game in a long term. Expand your Myshop in a modern way.

And don't forget to remove time limited items. Sorry, I had to do this swipe. :P

I believe people would love to see such a server and support you in every way to realise it.