Grand Exchange

Trickster Grand Exchange
Understanding this is near impossible because of "Reasons", I would love to see this happen.

Fairly Simple concept being a central trading interface for PlayPolarTrickster. In this way, we can eliminate the need for Player Owned Shop AFKing and encourage trade. It is Essential that this Exchange be visually pleasing and seamlessly immersive ( See WoW or RuneScape for good examples )
  • AFK sales - Set and forget! List your item, a price, and set to sell
  • Encouraged Trade - Feel like selling insignificant items or common quests? Want to clean your inventory? Trade your things, don't let them sit or destory!
  • Player Economic Opportunity - Encouraged trade means better Player-Driven Economy over-all
  • Price Watch - Be able to search acceptable going prices of goods by comparing to the rest of the market
  • ePay-To-Win Support - For those who wish to outright buy quests to avoid wasting time
  • Untradeable-Trade - Being able to exchange items once untradeable
  • Market Insight - Provides Data for traded items and such
  • Well Accepted - I believe everyone would like to see this incorporated better than in PlayTrickster lmao
  • Encourages Market Manipulations - Multi-Account driven sellers will have the advantage
  • Hard to Incorporate In-Game - Requires a Client Source Code. Server and DB is easy if you're a decent dev and assuming the team actually built (Or knows how to manipulate) the source ;)
  • Changes Entire Game Economic Workings - Can be a shock to the Economy as is
  • Player Shop Relevance - Player Shops may reduce in numbers. Offset by linking all live Player Shops to Exchange? ( Unlikely )

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Re: Grand Exchange

If it was done via website integration (a la what rTO did for a lot of things) I could see it working- but only if it's heavily bug-tested (rTO had some problems early on with its website stuff, like refine stats doubling for using web refine), and hey, make it pretty in the end. If it was to be integrated with the game like that it should look the part too, rTOs website functions were kind of basic looking design-wise and jarring. Kinda took away from any immersion. One thing at a time though.

I do think it would be a neat idea for the sheer fact of being able to trade otherwise untradeable items, and good for those who're gonna be stuck half the day at work and don't want to leave their PC on for a single shop (Black Desert already forces me to do this tho). Would be nice to be able to pull up a list of who's selling what too, less hassle of looking through every town/gate for that one dude off in the corner selling a quest item you want.

I'd love to see it actually implemented in-game but I'm fairly certain the client source code was never made available- any kind of content requiring a source edit is probably out of the question

Edit: I do think a bit more thought should go into it though- as helpful as it'd be I don't want to see it kill AFK shops either, they're supposed to be there after all.