Discord Suggestions That Get Buried Easily

Hi here's a list of some suggestions that have been made on the discord channel but sometimes they get ignored bc chat:

1. 1st job character boxes: All levels, all jobs.. make them limited time or whatever but please release soon! especially cat boxes for the kitty sprint!
2. Bosses to drop RNG Unique Boxes instead of a random unique
3. FREE 2 PLAY way to get Bonus Eggs to purchase stuff from the Egg Shop - the Egg Shop has a lot of super good stuff that can only be obtained by super donators right now
4. Online milestone system with level rewards (doing Driller Marky quest-> free 3 day 30% sprint ; getting 2nd job -> free Golden Mole Vest ; getting guardian-> free Temper Gems ; etc)
5. Make Daily Coupons to be useful by adding an NPC to exchange them for misc MyShop stuff, like Recharge Coupons, Bonus Eggs, Flicker Drills, etc.
6. Same sex marriage

Pls add all those to make the absolute perfect server :P