Change required amount of Poppuri Fur for Poppuri Strength Elixir

Currently, to obtain Poppuri Strength Elixir you have to exchange 50 Poppuri Fur with Mint Exchange at Gate of Poppuri Dungeon. My suggestion would be to lower the required amount to 15 Poppuri Fur instead. My reasoning for this:

1. As it is, this item is completely irrelevant - if you collect all the Poppuri Fur you get, by the time you finish Poppuri Dungeon you probably have 30 to 40 of it, which is not enough even for a single Poppuri Strength Elixir. If you change the requirement to 15 instead, people may already end up with 2 Elixirs and that would give them some incentive to grind for a little and get a 3rd one, that would allow to complete the Poppuri Artisan Set, which is never seen these days. A little grind is okay, but the end goal should feel reasonable and not out of reach.
2. The Elixir is then used with Compounder Paul to create Artisan Poppuri items, and as you know compounding can fail. meaning you may actually need more than 3 Elixirs to complete the full set.

Please consider making this change for the betterment of the player experience