Make a Trailer Event

As the server is about to be launched!

How about a Trailer Event?

We can call it... PlayPolar Trailer. -hah, very creative-

Anyways, my idea for this trailer would be the following (Feel free to comment for changes! After all, we are here to suggest! :) ) :

1. The trailer should be made between Beta time + 1 week? 8th to 20th January 2021. This way, people can gather arounds, do screenshots, gifs, videos, interactions, skill show off, new features, new character, bosses, myshop, etc!

2. The video should not last longer than 3 minutes!

3. Use non-copyright music! (Go compose your music XD jk)

Now, how do we decide the winners?

The winners will be selected by 2 ways.

Community votes and Administrator decision.

How many winners shall we have? 4.
Community votes: Gold, Silver and Broze.
Administrator Selection Winner: Star.


Lets not be greedy and go for ms points or equipment, cause that would be unfair for others!

How about a personalized in game title? or an "Eagle" hat fuse? (Go fully suggest prices -though would be best if you suggest non ms or equips but fashion)

Are you in? Yes?


I enfazise again! Put your suggestions below! Because the final decision will be the Admin to hold this event!
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